About Us
Bell View Park Stud’s Aim: Bell View Park Stud is owned and run by the Mackrell family. The aim of the business is to source quality mares for the commercial breeder. Bell View Park Stud acquires high quality maiden mares, locally and abroad. The majority of these mares will be mated with highly commercial stallions that complement them both physically and genetically. These mares are then carefully prepared and presented for sale at the major breeding stock auctions in Australia.

Feeding: Bell View Park Stud firmly believes that in order for a thoroughbred to reach its full potential, it must be fed accordingly. The farm uses a highly regarded equine nutrition specialist to tailor a supplementary feed program to complement Bell View Park Stud’s healthy pastures.

Horse Care: Bell View Park Stud staff pride themselves on providing a high level of individual care for each horse. All horses are checked at least twice daily to monitor their general health and well being. Thorough records are maintained - horses are vaccinated, drenched, groomed and receive farrier, dental, physio and veterinarian treatment as and when required.

Mare Preparation and Sales: Bell View Park Stud takes considerable care in preparing mares for sale. Each mare is prepared individually and fed and groomed accordingly. It is Bell View Park Stud’s aim to present our mares in immaculate order to generate the highest interest possible in the sales ring.

Farm Management: The farm manager is Mikayla Jeffcoat. Mikayla began her career in the thoroughbred industry at Bell View Park in 2012. After working on the farm for 3 years, Mikayla spent time as yearling manager at both Newhaven Park and Lime Country Thoroughbreds. Mikayla became farm manager in November, 2019.

Technical Support: Bell View Park Stud is located north of Nowra on the south coast of NSW. The area has a large population of horses and has ready access to high quality veterinarians, farriers, equine chiropractors and dentists. The business is also supported by experts in agronomy, equine nutrition and bloodstock.