Farm & Facilities
Bell View Park Stud is a picturesque, 115 acre property located at Meroo Meadow on the south coast of NSW, just north of Nowra. The property was purchased by the Mackrell family in 2005 and has been fully re-developed into a modern thoroughbred farm. It became operational in February 2010. An additional 65 acres of neighbouring land has since been leased and upgraded for grazing horses. Bell View Park Stud is in an ideal area for horses due to its temperate climate. The area experiences cool winters and warm summers without the extremes that some areas of Australia endure. It is a relatively high rainfall area and due to the fertile soil, the property is able to grow good quality pastures all year round.


Bell View Park Stud has the following facilities and improvements:
  • The farm is divided into 7 holding and recovery yards, 19 large spelling yards and 17 large paddocks, some with shelters.
  • All yards, paddocks and laneways have been fenced to a high standard, providing a safe environment for horses.
  • All paddocks and yards can be irrigated from a spring fed dam and bore and are connected to town water to ensure safe drinking water for all horses.
  • There are 2 modern stable complexes on the property. They comprise 22 boxes, and a vet area. The stables are spacious, have excellent lighting and ventilation and are safe for horses.
  • An 8 horse walking machine with a non slip rubber base has been installed.
  • A large, undercover round yard which is internally rubber lined has been constructed. It has a sand base that is watered by a sprinkler system to minimise dust.
  • Bell View Park Stud has a 1600m grass training track used for pre-training and educating young horses.
  • There is an undercover wash bay with adjustable water temperature.
  • An undercover vet crush has been erected. It is functional and safe for mares.
  • All laneways on the property have a firm shale base, with numerous catching yards. This ensures horses are easily caught and can be safely moved around the farm.
  • A dual loading bay has been built so that horses arrive and leave the property in a safe manner.